Christmas 2004

Hello Everybody

Month 12 of 2004 has arrived with its usual speed this year. Naturally I did not want to start the Christmas letter too early, as I would not be able to describe all of our events through the year, so this letter is late as usual.

When the year began we still had Valerie Sermadiras, our French Rotary exchange student with us. Valerie stayed with us throughout a lot of the ski season, so we took her out to Ben Eoin to introduce her to skiing.

Valerie & Anne Skiing at Ben Eoin

She transferred to another family in March but unfortunately about a month or two later she became ill, had to return to France, and was unable to complete her tour of Canada.

I thought that 2004 was going to be a fairly uneventful year although some of the problems lurking in the background were evident at the end of 2003 and they went on the make 2004 quite eventful. However, we were still living under fairly normal circumstances early in the year and in February Anne had a palliative care meeting in Banff. Of course I felt that she should have

Skiing at Banff

some company so I went with her and sampled the delights of skiing in Alberta.

At this point however it became obvious that Anne was having serious problems with contract negotiations for her new palliative care contract. Because the contract did not look as if it would be satisfactory she did a trial of a month working with the Hospice of South West Florida during March.

With Aunt Jean in Florida

That gave me another opportunity for a trip and I went to Florida in March for a week and visited my Aunt Jean and we looked at some homes in Florida. When we returned home we really did not know quite what was going to be happening but managed to get away again shortly after and spent Easter weekend in Boston visiting with our grandson James and his mother Ronghui.

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