Hello Everybody:

Merry Christmas again. As usual Christmas comes quicker and quicker every year and I am finding it more and more difficult to get everything ready for Christmas and, for that reason, I think this will be the last of my Christmas Letters. So for any of you who want to see what the Pollett family has been up to I will probably set up a website sometime next year and relate all our travels and put on lots of pictures.

Last year I got a new computer. Three
quarters of the names and addresses of people that I normally write to were lost because the new computer couldn't read the files. It has taken quite a while to recover names and some will probably be lost forever. To those of you who don't get this letter my apologies.

In order to accomplish things we usually try and plan trips ahead of time late in the old year, or early in the New Year.

Anne and I are just getting adjusted to living

Portofino Bay Hotel, Orlando

partly in Nova Scotia and partly in Florida. I wanted to have a chance to visit Anne in Florida


during the cold weather so the first trip of the year was for a meeting being held in February in the Portofino Bay Hotel near Universal Studios in Orlando. This hotel is unique in that it is a replica of the Italian town of Portofino. It is only a short walk to Universal Studios. It comes equipped with harbor boats and even a fake Vespa motorbike and Alfa Romeo car. If you look in the wrong direction you can tell it is not the real Portofino and it is probably a lot cleaner then the original but they have done a remarkable job.

On March 2, we became grandparents again for third time. Allan's wife Haemi had a baby named Emma Lee Anne Pollett. They are very proud of

Emma Lee Anne Pollett-Born March 2, 2005

her and keep sending us lots of pictures of her. We are looking forward to seeing her at Christmas time when we visit Toronto. We saw her within a few weeks after she was born and they came to visit at the end of June. We were fortunate to have pictures taken with Allan and Uncle Gordon and Emma at that time because when we made our trip to Australia at the end of August Uncle Gordon passed away. It was a week after he died that I learned about it so, unfortunately, I missed the funeral. He was 94-years-old.

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